NATURE NICHE PHOTOS by Laure Wilson Neish | Bears
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Created 3-Jul-08
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Mama Bear and Baby Bear crossing Green Mountain Rd. west of PentictonHere I come, wait for me !a thin young Black Bear out of hibernationA Heart-stopping close encounter with a Black BearLooking AroundFinding the horse carcassWatching me watch itShows me how to eat carrion  : pWell, its a mealBlack Bear at Vaseux Lake areaBlack Bear at Vaseux Lake areaCinammon bear with its reddish cub in the sagebrush (Sheep Creek Rd.)a healthy looking Cinnamon BearCinnamon BearBear on the Road!Black Bear cub on the side of the roadThis is not a happy bear faceShe and cub decided to cross road and go up embankmentMama and cub looking down at me and the other cub which was still below feeding on berriesHmmm

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