NATURE NICHE PHOTOS by Laure Wilson Neish | Corvids: Magpies, Jays, Nutcrackers
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Created 28-Jun-08
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Black-billed MagpieMagpie moltingReady to mate posebroken billBlack-billed MagpieThe Adams Sanctuary "Greeter"Black-billed Magpie with voleBlack-billed Magpie carrying a mouse to nestMagpie inspecting a mule deer carcassBlack-billed Magpie at Penticton marinaWho says magpies don't eat snow...More Iridescenceyoung Black-billed Magpieblue eye of youngsterBlack-billed Magpies on hunter's discarded carcassmagpies enjoying the the rib specialHekyl and Jekyl

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