NATURE NICHE PHOTOS by Laure Wilson Neish | Florida Keys
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Bush Key nesting colony, part of the Dry Tortugas National Park50,000 - 70,000 Sooty Terns nest here on this sandbarSooty Tern, one of the nesting birds on Bush Keyold coaling docks next to Fort JeffersonBrown Noddy, another nester on Bush KeySandwich Terns using old pilings to restjuvenile Brown Pelicandoing a "swan dive"Yankee Freedom catamaranning its way to Garden Keyfirst view of the fort from the ferry, note the "swarm" of birds abovethe impressive Fort Jefferson with its moat!Magnificent Frigatebird hovering over fort like a welcoming committeeall the non-birders ☺sea fan washed up in the driftexcellent snorkellingThe inner courtyard of Fort Jeffersonthe only water on Garden Key is offered to birds at the courtyard fountainNorthern Parula WarblerPalm Warblers were everywhereBlue-gray Gnatcatcher

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