NATURE NICHE PHOTOS by Laure Wilson Neish | Pelagic Seabirds
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Woke up, it was a pelagic morning...Westport Washington at 6 am, back again in 9.5 hoursThe stunned look of a birder before getting fueled up on some camp coffeeStill in the harbor, looking perkyHmm, now where are those Cassin's Auklets?ahoy, albatrossesFirst glimpse of the hulking Black-footed Albatross in the mistComing in for chum!Black-footed AlbatrossBlack-footed AlbatrossVarious phases of Northern Fulmar - lightLight gray Northern FulmarDarker western Northern FulmarDarker phase Northern Fulmar eating fish offeringTubenoseBack view of Pink-footed Shearwatermore diagnostic view of the Pink-footed Shearwatershowing dark tip to billFork-tailed Storm-Petrel

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