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Northern Pygmy-Owl with its lunch, a House Finchsnuggling Saw-whet Owls - juvenilesPoint-CounterpointRed-necked Grebe familyMama Merganser and her flotillamale Mountain Bluebird eating waxy currant berrybeautiful blue Steller's JayBlack-billed Magpiemale American Kestrel with food gift for mateSnow BirdSnowy Egret (Egretta thula) fishing at boat launchmale Willow Ptarmigan beginning molt to winter white plumagemale Hooded Mergansers swimming towards memale Western Tanager in a hawthorn treeAnhingaA covey of quail (quail conference)Snowed in at the Red Roost, up Sheep Creek Rd.Ruffed Grouse drummingmale Yellow Warbler

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