NATURE NICHE PHOTOS by Laure Wilson Neish | Owls
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Created 28-Jun-08
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Northern Pygmy-Owlsame as previousNorthern Pygmy-OwlNorthern Pygmy-Owl with its lunch, a House FinchNorthern Pygmy-Owl with House FinchNorthern Saw-whet owlpink skin of brood patch is visibleNorthern Saw-whet Owl in nest boxsnuggling Saw-whet Owls - juvenilesyoung Northern Saw-whet Owl ready to fledgeNorthern Saw-whet OwlBurrowing OwlFlammulated Owl in nest holeFlammulated OwlFlam femaleBird biologist Dick Cannings on a ladder monitoring the status of the owl

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