Sotto Voce is a term used to express undertones in music and speech, but I feel it also suggests the quiet voice of nature. The land has many voices; some that whisper to us, some that bellow in the form of fires or flash floods. Noise is what usually gets our attention. This softer voice of nature is easily shouted down by demands of our busy lives and the trappings of human society. Our wild neighbors—plants and animals—go about their daily business of survival discreetly, often in ways unknown to us. Reconnecting with our grasslands, forests and wetlands awakens our senses and spirituality. We are reminded that as humans, we too are knitted into nature’s complex and beautiful fabric. The quiet voice tells a story of renewal and eternity. We need to listen.

"This earth which is spread out like a map around me is but the lining of my innnermost soul exposed." - Henry David Thoreau

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This display depicts wild species and spaces that I have encountered primarily in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia and while traveling in the United States. These nature interactions have come as gifts and bring me much joy. I continually strive to make my images more technically perfect so that others may share that joy with me. - Laure Neish (B.A., B.Ed., M.Sc.)

Nature Niche galleries are arranged with a few non-bird photos at the beginning, then birds of North America appear in a rough phylogenetic order, like a bird checklist. Please use the Search query to find species more efficiently as the website keeps scrambling my attempts at order within galleries.  More non-bird and travel galleries can be found at the end. Publications include numerous field guides, books, signs, posters, iPhone app, VIREO and print magazines ( Audubon, National Wildlife, Birdwatching, Outdoor Photography Canada and A.B.A.'s Birding).

Images are for sale as a digital file or print - please contact me by email.

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