NATURE NICHE PHOTOS by Laure Wilson Neish | Nightjars and Kingfishers
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Common Poorwillfind the poorwillCommon Poorwill displayit fluttered and its tail slipped down by the rockCommon Poorwill displayingThis large mouth may explain the term "goatsucker"showing its rictal bristleseggs in Common Poorwill "nest" which was a small patch of ground under a rock ledgeJuly 5th - 5 days later - chicks!July 9th - chicks in the shade, had moved to a nearby rock, away from the original nestJuly 14th visit - family further away from nest on open areaJuly 14th - Chick 1July 14th - chick 2Chick 2Chicks on ground a short distance from original nest scrapeview 2Common PoorwillCommon Nighthawk in flightCommon Nighthawk near nest - displaying

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